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The Market for California Cell Phone Accessories to Rise Rapidly: Research

After intensive market analysis, researchers have found that the demand California cell phone accessories is going to rise at a rapid pace. With the increasing demand for mobile phones, the demand for its accessories will also increase.


Studies say that it is nearly impossible to live without mobile phones and their respective cell phone holder accessories, like power banks, head phones, mobile cases etc. Hence, there is no denying the fact that market for mobile accessories would certainly get an escalating boost by leaps and bounds. The statistic shows the revenue of the global mobile phone accessory market worldwide from 2016 to 2013. In 2016, the mobile phone accessory market was worth about 60.42 billion U.S. dollars.


Furthermore, several factors have been found out that drive the growth ofmobile and accessories market. Some of the major ones are mentioned as under –


  1. Affordable Smartphones

Smartphones have become so affordable that anyone can afford them. This is basically due to increasing demand, growth in market size and number of players increasing in the market. With the smartphones, the accessories are also getting affordable.


  1. Urbanization

With the increase in population and spending capacity in urban areas, the demand for the coolest phone cases and other accessories is also increasing. People are more likely to spend their salary on mobile accessories than any other product in the market.


  1. E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websitesplay a major role in fueling the growth of mobile phone and accessories market. The online stores have greatly helped the vendors in increasing their sales. With amazing discount offers and benefits of online shopping, the demand kept on increasing and is still at its peak.


  1. Network Connectivity

Improved network connectivity is also one of the reasons why mobile phones and their accessories are high in demand these days. People from across the world and strata of society increased the adoption of smartphones in their daily lives.


Accessories for iPhone is Getting the Highest Demand


The above factors are the major drivers that led to the increasing demand for mobile phone accessories. But, do you know iPhone users are amongst the top growth enhancers for mobile accessories? Designer silicone phone cases and other similar products are much in demand among the iPhone buyers. Reports say that due to the expensive and delicate nature of iPhones, iPhone users are more likely to invest in ‘accessories’.


In simple words, the growth is steadily increasing and is expected to continue its pace for a couple of decades in the future.


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Why Should You Buy Soft Silicone iPhone Cases Only?

Do you own an iPhone? If yes, you will clearly understand the pain of taking care of your phone like an infant. Due to their expensive nature, iPhones are very delicate and should always be covered with a phone case.


Most of the iPhone buyers, generally refrain buying a phone case. But, if you want to keep your phone functional for years, you must keep it within a case. It is a shield that protects your phone against dirt, spills, water, scratch, dropping and other incidents.

Further, it should be noted that you must buy designer silicone phone cases for your iPhone. These cases are known to be the best in the market, due to the following reasons –


  1. Perfect Fitting

One of the most important benefits of using a silicone case is its malleability and flexibility. Due to these features, it offers a perfect fitting to your phone. Silicone skins also make sure that the holes for buttons and ports are in the right places. Also, you should note that these cases are not at all bulky. So, your phone won’t feel heavy to hold.


  1. Dust and Heat Resistant

One of the best silicone iPhone cases are those which are resistant to heat and dust. This implies that you can use the cases in hot temperatures safely. Most of the phone cases tend to get hot, when used in hot working environment. However, this is not the case with silicone cases. They also do not attract lint or dust. You can easily clean the phone case, by just wiping it off. The dust doesn’t stick to the case.


  1. Easy To Handle

In comparison to plastic and metal phone cases, silicone cases are soft and easy to handle. Silicone possess anti-slip properties, due to which, it gives a comfortable and firm grip to the buyers. As a result, it protects your phone from falling down.


  1. Superlative Protection

Silicone cases are also known for the superlative degree of protection they offer. Mobile phones are not just used for making a call. They are used for multiple purposes. Hence, you cannot afford losing or damaging the same. This why these cases are used, as protect your phone from allsides. They have good shock absorption and water resistance, which makes them the perfect choice for iPhone users.

So, what are you waiting for? These trendy phone cases of 2017 - 2018 will simply blow your mind. Not just their sturdy design or superior quality, but also their aesthetic appeal will make you fall in love with them.

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6 Reasons to Buy Coolest Phone Cases for Your iPhone

Smartphones, especially iPhones are quite expensive. Just like our trendy shoes, fancy clothes and accessories, iPhone also creates a statement about our lifestyle. iPhone buyers around the world love to flaunt their phones and are proud of the fact they can afford an “iPhone”. This very fact describes how delicate these phones are. Now, this doesn’t mean that the phones are delicate in performing their tasks; they are delicate because of their expensive nature. Hence, one must buy best iphone accessories and cases to protect their phones.


Apart from this, there are several other reasons to cover your iPhone with a case. Here are some of them –


  1. Dirt and Spills

A phone case is important to protect your phone against dirt and spills. You’ll agree to the fact that we carry our phones to possibly every place, where we can. Doing this, we increase the chances of our phone getting exposed to dirt and spills. So, an extra layer of protection is very essential for your iPhone.


  1. Drop Protection


Almost all of you might have dropped your phone atleast once. Nobody drops it on will; it happens by mistake. But, what if your mistake results into pieces of your phone? Although built strong, your phone or its screen may break due to occasional dropping.


  1. Better Grip


Another reason to buy a phone case is to have a better grip. Sexy phones, like iPhones are quite slippery. Hence, in absence of a rubberized case, the chances of dropping your phone increase. With a case, it would be easy to hold your phone firmly, thereby protecting it from falling down.


  1. Expensive


Obviously, iPhone is very expensive. Hence, in comparison to other phones, iPhone requires much care and attention than others. You would not like to invest thousands of dollars again and again. Hence, it is better to cover the phone with a case and let your expensive phone give ‘value for money’ to you, for years and years.


  1. Sentimental Value


Non-living things are not always materialistic to us. They often have sentimental values attached to them. Hence, in case you are emotionally attached to your phone, you must look out for case, for example, designer silicone phone case that will prevent drops and increase the holding grip.


  1. Add Ownership


Your colleague or friend might also have the same iPhone model as yours. So, having a stylish phone case will add ownership to your phone. Anybody, without unlocking your phone, would be able to recognize your phone.

So, now you understand why it is important to purchase a phone case? There are several cute iphone case websites that offer the most elegant and chic cases for your iPhone at very nominal rates. Simply, visit the online stores and get your phone a protective case shield!!


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